Carlisle Gallery Works For You!
At the Carlisle Gallery, we do more than simply sell paintings. We consult personally with each patron, helping them to find the perfect artwork for the space they are decorating. With a keen ear toward your tastes and desires, Kirk will match you up with the perfect artwork for you. Once you have selected your artwork, Kirk will turn his attention to packaging it in a frame that not only empasizes your tastes, but that pulls the best qualities out of the artwork. Proper framing is not as simple as just finding one that fits or that matches the room that it will be hanging in. The frame sends messages to the viewer about the art owner themselves. If properly matched up, the frame can accentuate the elements presented in the artwork to make its message speak louder to the onlooker's eyes.
If you need custom made framing, Carlisle Gallery is a must. Jeff Reese, the gallery's custom framing specialist has been working in framing for more than 30 years. He is a detail oriented professional that has a well developed eye for color matching. At the Carlisle Gallery, we specialize in custom framing with old world craftsmanship. We carry a wide variety of fine hand-carved Italian frames and offer more than 1000 framing styles to our customers every day.





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