What We Do - And Why.
Kirk Carlisle 
                                                      established Carlisle Gallery 
                                                      more than 15 years ago to 
                                                      fulfill his wife Theresa's 
                                                      lifelong dream of owning 
                                                      a first rate fine art gallery.In it 
                                                      you will fine a the largest 
                                                      collection of paintings 
                                                      in the North Alabama area, 
                                                      with selections ranging 
                                                      from centuries old, to the 
                                                      finest contemporary pieces. 
                                                      Kirk purchases all of the 
                                                      inventory himself to be 
                                                      sure that every item fits 
                                                      well into the collection. 
                                                      Kirk has used his degree 
                                                      from the University of the 
                                                      Arts in Philidelphia, and 
                                                      his extensive experience 
                                                      in the art industry to piece 
                                                      together an impressive collection 
                                                      of unique paintings and 
                                                      a wide selection of frame 
                                                      styles. Widely 
                                                      considered one of the Tennessee 
                                                      Valley's premiere authorities 
                                                      in fine art, Kirk Carlisle 
                                                      has provided the perfect 
                                                      pieces for prominent private 
                                                      collectors and commercial 
                                                      establishments all over 
                                                      the southeast.Carlisle 
                                                      Gallery is dedicated to 
                                                      the never ending goal of 
                                                      finding artistic treasures 
                                                      and placing them in the 
                                                      hands of those who will 
                                                      appreciate them.





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